Why Custom?

Whatever happened to the custom shape? In these days of board models and machine shapes, it is still possible to get something different, tailored to your specs. Want a thinner rail, or a deeper concave? Or just don’t see what you were looking for? Talk with the shaper and together we can come up with that special board for your needs. What this means to you is that Each board is made individually here in San Diego CA. This not only applies to the shape, but through all the manufacturing steps. For core materials we offer poly foam in several different weights, XTR and EPS. You can also choose the glassing schedule to fit your needs. From super light to extra durable.  

Pictured is a custom fish that was designed with a little bit extra nose rocker and has a narrower tail, 8″ instead of 11.5-12″ and also has fluted wings 9.5 inches from the tail. Designed to cover a wider range than a “normal” fish and be a bit more maneuverable while maintaining lots of glide.