Jay Novak of AKA Surfboards

O ur mission at AKA surfboards is to provide our customers with a great board at a fair price. Up-to-date current model surfboards are delivered in 3 to 4 weeks. At AKA, you deal directly wtih the owner/ shaper and this personal touch assures that you will get the best board for your needs. The AKA board line is the work of Jay Novak. Jay has been surfing since 1965 and shaping full-time since 1975. He has created an entire line with new board designs to meet the performance goals for AKA and he has consistently shaped world-class performance shapes for everyone from the pro to the beginner. These designs are updated frequently. His greatest virtue is his ability to design boards to meet an individual’s specific needs. We want to share the stoke you feel when picking up and riding your new board!